Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner

Your relationship with your wedding planner has to feel right from the word go. You have to trust them to turn your wedding vision into a reality, without leaving you stressed or feeling like you are not in control.

When choosing your planner, there are questions that you must ask to ensure that they are able co-ordinate your wedding with the level of service and decorum you expect.

Below I have set out the following list of questions that are a must in choosing your wedding planner.

How many weddings have they planned and can they provide testimonials and images from these weddings?

A good wedding planner will always have testimonials and images from previous clients at hand so they can prove that they have the skills, professionalism and experience to back up their wedding expertise.

Are they planning any other weddings on the same day or weekend?
Unless your planner is part of a large team or company who are capable of handling two weddings on the same day, they should not be involved in any other weddings that are the same day as yours. You are paying for their undivided attention on your wedding day, and that is what you should get!

Are they familiar with your venue?
An experienced wedding planner will usually have a good knowledge of wedding venues in their area, unless it is extremely unusual. If your planner has worked at the venue before, it can make communication with venue staff a much easier process.

Does they understand your vision?
You will probably have a vision in your head about how your wedding will look, but not always the knowledge on how to create it! Your wedding planning should take the time to learn about you as an individual, and about your vision. A good wedding planner will listen to you and explain how they have interpreted your vision and how they will make it a reality.

Can they organise and co-ordinate other suppliers?
You might want your planner to organise everything from start to finish, or you may have already booked suppliers and simply want her to co-ordinate them in the run up to, and on your wedding day. Either way your planner should be able to take care of this for you. If they have a good knowledge of the industry your planner will be able to source the best suppliers for your style and budget.

How often should I expect communication with my wedding planner?
At the beginning of the planning process you should expect several meeting and communications from your planner as you organise all of the main parts of your day for example venue, catering etc. From then on your planner should be in regular contact with you, keeping you up to date on their progress. In the days leading up to your wedding, your planner should be in constant contact with you, ensuring that you are prepared and that everything is in place to allow the day to run smoothly.

Will they be there on the day?
If you want your wedding planner to be there on the big day then there should be no problem with this. A good planner will be there from first thing in the morning, until the celebrations are in full swing later that night. They should have a discrete presence throughout the day and be close at hand should you need them.

What will happen if for any reason my planner can’t come to the wedding?
From the beginning your planner should make it clear if they cannot attend your wedding. However if unexpected circumstances means that they cannot attend, a contingency plan must be in place. They should have a full brief, detailed running order for the day, and supplier contact details on hand to pass over to a colleague or member of their team in case the unexpected happens.

How much will it cost and when do I pay my wedding planner?
Wedding planners will all offer you their own individual pricing structure, whether is it a flat fee, hourly rate, or a percentage of the total bill. Make sure that you understand exactly what they are charging you for, and if there will be any hidden costs.

Most planners will ask for a deposit up front when you book their services. This is usually about 20% and will be used to secure other suppliers and purchase any bespoke items. If they are charging an hourly rate the balance is likely not to be due until after the wedding. If it is a flat fee or a percentage the balance will usually be due before your wedding so be prepared to pay for this up front.

Wedding Favors on a Shoestring Budget!

Wedding etiquette demands that wedded couples thank their guests for making their wedding memorable with their attendance. A guest or two or hundreds of guests must go home with their wedding favors. But beyond the call of etiquette, these gifts are meant to be memoirs of a happy event.

Doing the Numbers for Favors

After the budgeting and redoing the budget, couples are faced with the dilemma of choosing a wedding favor within budget without CHEAP written all over it. The practical thing to do is finalize the guest list and count the number of couples who can take home one wedding favor and the singles who must have their wedding favors apiece.

If you invite 30 couples and 20 singles to your reception that would be $125 for the wedding favors budget for a $2.50 item. The budget should be increased if you have more singles and couples and a pricier wedding favor in mind. There are hundreds of classy items available for that price; it is a matter of shopping around for the best buy that goes with your wedding theme and budget and of course it must be something you both like.

For a small wedding with just 15 guests comprising seven and eight of them singles, you can stick to the $2.50 items; that would cost you $37.50. Not bad for a limited budget. But what can you get for a $2.50 item? You might be surprised. Scented soaps, heavenly scented candles, funky key chains, tiny flip-flops, tea bag caddies, and garden seeds in interesting packets are just a few of the wedding favors within the $2.50 price tag.

Personalized Favors

Personalized wedding tokens for your guests can take on any shape and price tag. To have them personalized with your and your groom’s initials and the wedding date and venue may cost a bit more than just having your initials etched on glass or engraved or embossed on the appropriate surface. Some online shops may not charge a cent for initials but this is offered to volume orders.

Your budget should include additional expense for etching or engraving and there’s the rush fee too that can bloat your budget. When planning for personalized wedding tokens for your guests, add to the numbers the personalization cost and shipping fees. If you can personally get the items or ask family or a friend to pick up the orders, that is money saved.

Doing away with personalized wedding favors for your guests is not a smart idea. Who can remember the magic of your wedding reception after two to three years? Not a one. Apart from thank-you gestures, these wedding tokens are supposed to be memoirs of your wedding and personalized wedding tokens do the job of reminding family and friends what a good time they had at your wedding reception.

Fun Wedding Tokens

It is not always serious business when it comes to wedding favors. You can get fun or edible items. Or you can do away with the traditional gifts and go the ancient way of giving away almonds and sugared sweets to share your good luck with the guests. Bake the almond cookies yourself. Everybody loves sweets and you won’t go wrong with edible wedding favors packed in adorable personalized wedding tins. For wedding favors, almond cookies or sweets in an adorable little personalized tin is a whooper.